Photo by Bachar Oudeh from Pace Festival 2023

Welcome to my website! I'm Anna Sharifi, an electronic music producer and live act from Berlin. The music I make is built up of synthesizers, moving bass, vocals and - at times luring, at times hard hitting - electronic beats. The tracks are melodic and driven(mostly danceable), composed of Scandinavian clarity, Oriental longing, Berlin techno, and unpolished emotions.
Growing up, I was trained in classical piano and jazz vocal but since moving to the German capital, my love and passion for electronic music and the underground techno club culture has evolved (how could it not?!). More than just the music itself, the philosophy and community behind techno drew me into the scene.
After having played in different constellations and working with different artist, I devoted the past years to composing music for a live electro set using hardware instruments only (synthesisers, drum machines, samplers and loop machines). That is the setup you will find me playing live with now. Hope to see you at one of my concerts!
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xXx Anna
from a concert at Acud Macht Neu  organised by Berlin School of Sound. Photographer: Adrian Zwicker
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